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Yolanda Fitness, established in 2010, now has 3 large factories with more than 500 workers. Since our establishment, we have been focusing on products that improve life. In the past few years, we have targeted the fitness products sector and provided services to more than 800 overseas customers. 


Yolanda Fitness, established in 2010


Now has 3 large factories with more than 500 workers


Provided services to more than 800 overseas customers.

After the success of home textile products, we now also focus on fitness products, which also help more athletes feel a healthy and comfortable life experience. We are now expanding the production line and manufacturing more high-quality fitness equipment to the market.
Here at Yolanda Fitness we are committed to making at home workouts easy. Through offering a variety of house hold exercise equipment, we make it simple for you to get your body right and tight. Say goodbye to that extra fifteen pounds you've been struggling to lose and hello to abs of steel with our amazing and straightforward equipment. Life is filled with ups and down along with stress and anxiety. Exercise is key to natural stress relief through its ability to release endorphins during your workout.
Our most advanced production system makes Yolanda Fitness’s equipment accessible to everyone as we believe that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and each person deserves to achieve inner peace. That is why Yolanda Fitness is here to serve you and your exercise needs.
We uphold the "quality first, service first" purpose, serving customers around the world.

Company History

2010: Peak Kuang started Yolanda in his house

2011: Yolanda leased its first office in Hangzhou, Zhejiang

2012: First manufacturing factory was build

2013: Having a 100 person team

2014: Second manufacturing factory was build to make fitness products

2015: Hit the goal of having 300 person team and over 100 million US dollars sales target

2016: Sales amount over 150 million US dollars

2017: Move to new headquarters with more than 4000m2

2018: Sales amount over 250 million US dollars

2019: Third Manufacturing factory was build

2020: Yolanda hit 500 team members